Facebook SWOT analysis

do a company analysis for each of them. Include their ( marketing strategy, positioning, strength, weakness, and How would the competitor react to changes in our marketing strategy?)
-write each company analysis in a sepreate page with a little preview about each company.
– Make them clear and in bullets.
– Answer all of the requirements plz.
– Include each source.
– In the last page, put the information in a table same as the one attached in the attached doc. also include the sources.
– I put a definition for each of the requirements in attached doc to help you when you do it.
Facebook Company.
Competitor analysis:
Google+, Google Android, Mixi japan
Answer the 3 questions.
1. What is the marketing strategy for each of these firms? What is each firm’s positioning?
Marketing Strategy
A marketing strategy is a “big picture” of what a firm will do in some market. Two interrelated parts are needed (1) a target market– a fairly homogeneous (similar) group of customers to whom a company wishes to appeal and (2) a marketing mix– the controllable variables the company puts together to satisfy this target group.
The marketing strategy should emerge from the situation analysis and reference back to this information.
?Positioning refers to how customers think about proposed or present brands in a market. A marketing manager needs a realistic view of how customers think about offerings in the market. Without that, it’s hard to differentiate. At the same time, the manager should know how he or she wants target customers to think about the firm’s marketing mix. Positioning issues are especially important when competitors in a market appear to be very similar.
2- What are each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
Every firm has some resources that set it apart from other firms. Breakthrough opportunities come from making use of these strengths while avoiding direct competition with firms having similar strengths.
To find its strengths, the firm must evaluate functional areas (production, research and engineering, marketing, general management, and finance) as well as present products and markets. By analyzing successes or failures in relation to the firm’s resources, management can discover why the firm was successful-or why it failed–in the past. Similar analysis can be conducted on competitors.
A firm’s existing resources can include
• Financial strength
• Production strength, and
• Marketing strength
3- • How would the competitor react to changes in our marketing strategy?